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Set in Yogyakarta - the city of scholars, Realia offers students a positive learning atmosphere and hospitality.


Realia offers a comprehensive range of courses to suit all language needs and levels.


Provides the highest standards of professionalism & excellence in teaching in friendly and relax atmosphere.


Bahasa Course


English Course


Translation Service

Welcome to REALIA!

Established on the July 4th, 1987, Realia Language and Culture Center has had extensive experience in teaching Indonesian language and cross-cultural understanding to foreigners seeking to work, travel and study in Indonesia. Our students come from all countries around the world and have a variety of first languages, a wide range of educational backgrounds and a range of personal backgrounds, seeking a whole host of Indonesian language outcomes.

In addition to providing Indonesian courses, we also have English Course that strives to provide tailored-made English syllabus lessons and study programs for Indonesians wishing to improve their prior achieved level of English.

Our Translation Centre offers document translations and interpreting (direct and consecutive) from Indonesian into English or English into Indonesian.

Set in Yogyakarta, the city of scholars, Realia offers students a positive learning atmosphere and hospitality, whilst introducing them to the rich cultural life of the city and its surroundings. Reasonable priced accommodation and food, tourist-friendly streets, and the numerous charms of Yogyakarta, will be the added value that makes the whole experience become priceless.

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This is the third time I have tried to learn an Asian language for a posting and this experience has been by far the most satisfying. Realia people are skilled, friendly and considerate and the Jogjakarta locale is excellent for learning and concentration. We look forward to returning.